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Blue-Top Steering Gears, Inc.

Blue-Top Steering Gears was established in the little town of Buchanan, ND in 1986. During that time steering gears were being sold primarily in the tri-state region surrounding North Dakota (Minnesota, South Dakota, & Montana).

In the late 2000's Blue-Top Steering was sold to Myron Vigesaa of rural Kensal, ND.

In 2011, Ryan (Myron's son), purchased the business. During that time Ryan re-established the business in Stanton, ND. He reorganized and started pushing the business area across the United States. Ryan's experience re-manufacturing steering gears with another large company in Seattle, WA helped him with the understanding of many different types of steering components and re-manufacturing processes. With the new location, better facilities, and a lot of years ahead, he pushed harder expanding sales from the coast to coast. By this time Ryan had updated most of the equipment and had purchased more machining equipment to be able to keep all work in-house. In 2017 Blue-Top Steering expanded into re-manufacturing steering valves and steering cylinders to add to the service abilities. Since 2017 the business has grown every month as more people look to have a quality product installed on their vehicle to keep them steering straight down the road.

In 2018 Blue-Top expanded their manufacturing abilities by purchasing a CNC lathe as well as adding another vertical milling machine to speed up machining processes as well as add even more products to the shelf that are not available elsewhere.

Blue-Top Steering moved into their brand new building during the fall of 2019. With this new facility comes more room and better spaced designed for more efficient manufacturing. Photos coming soon!